Our mission

We believe in the importance of real privacy and in the right of each person to control their own data.

We want to empower people to access, manage and benefit from their own health-related data, including the right to assign these privileges to others, in a secure and easy way.

To us, it’s personal!

Without a doubt, the most frustrating part of dealing with health issues is not being able to access and manage your own health information.

CEO and co-founder, Suhina, was diagnosed with a third autoimmune disease in 2020 — and found herself struggling to manage her health information in different formats including paper records across multiple specialists. This has led to unnecessary duplication of tests, delayed time to diagnosis and to treatment – which costs not only money but time too.

In November 2021, Suhina co-founded Jonda Health to address the fragmentation of health data and empower patients with their own health data.

“Let’s be the change, we want to see in healthcare with chronic disease warriors such as myself driving that change!”
Our values

Centred on patient’s needs

We believe the patient should be at the heart of healthcare. Our culture empowers us to do what is right by patients and do work that truly makes a meaningful difference. Every patient should have a voice.

We believe in privacy and security

We believe that privacy and security is a fundamental human right. Without privacy and security, you can’t have freedom. Privacy and security is a deeply ingrained belief in everything that we do.

Together it’s possible

We believe that we are stronger together. We actively engage with the chronic illness community and other partners in the healthcare ecosystem to build a better solution to address the needs of the community in a meaningful way.

Our team
Dr. Suhina Singh
CEO & Co-founder
Daniel Wang
CTO & Co-founder
Senior Full Stack Developer
Infrastructure Engineer
Marketing Associate
UI/UX Designer
Nyein Chan Lay
Junior Software Developer
Minn Bo Bo
Junior Software Developer