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Unlock the value of health data powered by our data transformation engine to improve health outcomes and foster innovation with privacy and security by default.

Life sciences

Engage patients, respect privacy, and optimize real-world research

Big data is crucial to your business to improve the effectiveness of your products and the outcomes for the patients who use them. The more real-world longitudinal patient data you can collect while respecting data regulations and patient data sovereignty, the better you can arm physicians with knowledge about people who are just like the person sitting in front of them.

  • Design industry-compliant, scalable, tailored, and secure patient programs leveraging person-generated clinical health data

  • Collect standardized patient clinical and medical IoT data, behaviour, and insights on groups of patients who use your treatment in one cohesive tool

  • Integrate data easily from medical IoT

  • Engage patients through our digital surveys to better understand their behaviour, perceptions of brand and or diseases

  • Get real-time access to aggregated reports

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Patient organizations

Optimize engagement, facilitate research, and help deliver better health outcomes

Patients and their families living with a specific condition turn to you for credible information, understanding and support. They rely on your advocacy, role in research projects and awareness.

  • Support and empower your patient community with their health data in a single secure location because knowledge is power

  • Help patients reduce costs, improve care-coordination, avoid unnecessary duplication of tests, get second opinions, and reduce administrative stress by making health data secure, easy to organize and share securely across their care team

  • Engage your community with in-app communication and gather meaningful insights with surveys

  • Provide patients and families with the information they need at hand

  • Facilitate patient-centred research and give a greater voice to your community while respecting patient data sovereignty

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Employer benefits

Optimize health, respect privacy, and reduce costs

Your employees spend one-third of their lives working, how you as an employer support their health has a huge impact on their overall wellness and productivity.

  • Empower your employees with their health data in a single secure location to prevent and manage chronic conditions because knowledge is power

  • Your employees will have their personal health information travel with them wherever they go with the ability to share such data securely and easily with doctors to improve care

  • Keep a pulse on the health of your organization without compromising data privacy and security

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Business & Technology

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