Your privacy at the heart of everything, that we do

Privacy and security by default.

A new era of healthcare is here

We believe that privacy and security is a fundamental human right. Without privacy and security, you can’t have freedom. At Jonda Health, it is one of our core values.

Your data is your business and nobody else’s. That is why we use cryptographic end-to-end security to protect the health data you share, store and create on Jonda. We will never collect or store your health data, unique encryption keys and passwords in an unencrypted form.

Your encrypted data can only be decrypted by you, giving you full control of your health data.

State-of-the-art data privacy and security

We will remain committed to ensure that we keep raising the bar to deploy state-of-the-art data privacy and security measures and put the users in-charge of how their data is used.

Data Privacy

You decide…
how your data should be collected, shared and used.

Data Security

We ensure…
to protect your data from internal and external attackers.

Jonda is privacy you can trust

At Jonda Health, privacy isn’t an empty promise. It’s ensured through the rigorous application of end-to-end encryption, zero-knowledge encryption and the strictest privacy regulations.

End-to-end encryption

This means third parties can’t access your data when it’s transferred from one system to another.

Zero-knowledge encryption

This helps ensure nobody, not even Jonda Health, can decrypt, access, or share any of your information without your permission.

HIPAA, GDPR, PDPA compliant

The strictest of laws are applied to protect your health data from being disclosed without your consent or knowledge.

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